Legal Services

We provide free, zealous, life-affirming, and gender-affirming holistic criminal legal services to low-income and street based transgender and gender non-conforming people targeted by the criminal legal system, both inside and outside of prisons and jails in Illinois.

TJLP’s current legal services include:

  • Criminal Defense (felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile, traffic)
  • Criminal Record Expungement and Sealing
  • Advocacy in Jail and Prison


TJLP takes referrals from organizations or through word of mouth. If you would like more information about our legal services or how to contact our legal team, please email us at

Name Change Mobilization

If you are looking for assistance with changing your name, please attend our Name Change Mobilization that occurs on the last Friday of every month.

COVID-19 update: We will relaunch the Mobilization on July 31, 2020 with a webinar and Facebook live event.  

If you have questions regarding changing your name, please contact our name change coordinator at

How to Correct Your Name and/or Gender Marker on an Illinois Birth Certificate:

How to Correct Your Name and/or Gender Marker on an Illinois birth certificate:

To update an Illinois birth certificate, [5] items get included in an envelope that are mailed to:
Division of Vital Records
925 E. Ridgely Ave. Springfield, IL 62702-2737

Items to send in:

  1. a photocopy of your ID (if a minor, the parent’s id)
  2. a $15 check or money order made out to IDPH
  3.  a certified copy of the name change order (the one with the embossed seal from the court)
  4.  The affidavit of correction form. If changing name and gender marker, please list that you are correcting your legal name and gender marker. If choosing non-binary option, write: Correcting Sex designation, What is currently says: male or female, What is should say: choose between male, female or X.
    You do have to get this form notarized. You can do that at a bank or currency exchange.
  5. The 2nd page of the gender reassignment form completed by a doctor or therapist. On this form the health care professional can write in change to: male, female or x.


(If you only want to update your gender marker, name change order is not needed. If you only want to correct your legal name, gender reassignment form isn’t needed)

2 forms you need:
1) Affidavit of Correction Form:…/for…/affidavitcertcorrection_1.pdf
2) Gender Reassignment Form:…/for…/gender-reassignment-2017.pdf