TJLP could not exist without amazing people who are passionate about prison abolition, transformative justice, and gender self-determination. Volunteering with TJLP is a great way to support the leadership of trans people while uplifting folks who are directly impacted by transphobia, criminalization, and economic injustice. All training is provided.

In order to get involved with TJLP, check out our volunteer opportunities listed below.


During the Name Change Mobilization, attorneys and trained volunteers assist transgender and gender non-conforming folks file petitions to change their legal names at the Daley Center in downtown Chicago.

The Name Change Mobilization takes place on the last Friday of every month, 9:00am – 3:00 pm in room 1202 of the Daley Center, located at 50. W. Washington, Chicago, IL 60602.

We need volunteers to:

  • Assist people in filing to change their legal names
  • Provide follow-up support services by accompanying petitioners to their court dates and helping them navigate the subsequent name change processes at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Office, Department of Vital Records, etc.
  • Represent petitioners in fee waiver hearings (must be an attorney licensed in Illinois)
  • Represent people under the age of 18 in name change hearings (must be an attorney licensed in Illinois)


To get involved, email us at namechange@tjlp.org